38th Mathematics Student Echoes 2017



Gema 38th Mathematics Student has started to be welded on November 12, 2017 at Ahmad Sanusi Building, University of Education Indonesia. The event consisted of the opening, allowance and public lecture themed “Practical Mathematics” by Prof. Dr. Didi Suryadi, M.Ed. . In addition to the Indonesian University of Education, the preliminary round was also held simultaneously in 12 other cities in Java, from Tanggerang to Surabaya.


With the theme “Beyond the Horizons of the World with Mathematics”, GMM involved 121 teams for CCM, 135 teams for CTM, 90 participants for junior oilmatics and about 80 for olimatics, compared to the previous year participants experienced an increase. The presence of Olimatics, who is a ‘newcomer’, also makes GMM more ‘fresh’ in its 38th year.





The opening ceremony was filled with a report from Ahmad Zulfa as chief executive, as well as a rector’s speech represented by Drs. Suhendra, M.Ed. and a speech from DR. Ir. H. Ahmad Hadadi, M.Si., head of the Education office of West Java province. There was also a video appearance of the rector who was not present to convey support and encouragement to the participants. After the speech, the preliminary round for the CCM, CTM, and Olimatics races began. Participants who number hundreds of people per category must compete to advance to the next round which will be held on 25 and 26 November.



While waiting for the announcement of participants who qualified for the next stage, there was a public lecture filled by Prof. Dr. Didi Suryadi, M.Ed. about “Practical Mathematics”. Race participants and tutors can both attend public lectures.





In the following week, precisely on November 19, 2017 the math competition for elementary school students in Bandung and Cimahi was held. Involving 70 squads, each team must go through 6 posts spread across the campus of the Indonesian University of Education. The event took place fun with the concept of outbond.


The final series of events is the preliminary and final round for CTM, CCM, and Olimatika which takes place on Saturday and Sunday 25, November 26, 2017.

Here is a list of winners from various competition categories in GMM 2017



SD Darul Hikam (1st Place)

SD Muhammadiyah 7 (2nd Place)

SD Santo Yusuf (3rd Place)

SD Assalam (Favorite Group)



Sandi Kristian Waluyo, SMPK Penabur Cirebon (1st Place)

Faiza Shifa Medina, SMPIT Assyifa Boarding School (2nd Place)

Muhammad Surya Deva, SMP Pribadi Depok (3rd Place)



SMP Pribadi Bandung (1st Place)

SMPN 1 Cimahi (2nd Place)

SMPN 1 Cirebon (3rd Place)




David Iffan Fauzan, MAN 2 Bandung (1st Place)

Al Zukhrufu Fi Silmi Suwondo, SMAIT Al Bina (2nd Place)

Fatahillah Admiral Adam, SMAIT Al Mutazam Kuningan (3rd Place)



Private High School (1st Place)

SMAN 3 Bandung (2nd Place)

SMAN 3 Bandung (3rd Place)



Hana Thulaifa, DTBS Puteri High School (1st Place)

Salsabila Fitryan Shidiq, SMAN 1 Sumedang (2nd Place)

Luthfi Rifhqi Zulfiqar, SMAN 1 Sumedang (3rd Place)



“SISGEO”, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (1st Place)

“CAMAMA”, Indonesian Computer University (2nd Place)

“KATA SEPAT”, Pekalongan University (3rd Place)



Prihantini, Yogyakarta State University (1st Place)

Rafiesta Ratu Anderha, Indonesian Technocratic University (2nd Place)

Muhammad Fikri, Indonesian University of Education (3rd Place)