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The experience of taking a Lesson Study and studying DDR seemed to cure my desire to meet and learn directly from a good math teacher. That experience instills a whole set of criteria that are important to learn. More than that, various aspects of interconnectedness and forming a construction that ajeg so that it looks a reasonable and reasoned framework. Surely we want such a conception of teaching clearly designed architecture. Although it is not covered the possibility to make repairs, it does not change its basic construction. Reviewing the study is not perhaps a piece, it must be comprehensive. It starts with designing the goals to achieve, how the picture and the stages to achieve them, and how to approach the assessment. Reflection on the learning process that takes place, will give feedback to redesign. The framework works like this, by the DDR is seen as a research process.

In addition to repersonalization and recontextualization, DDR also critically examines classroom management: How do students interact with teachers, when explaining assignments, or how students interact with students that teachers want?. How do students choose to share ideas and how they work in front of the class? Why was he chosen first and then? What should other students do when a student explains in front of the class? How to relate various student ideas to the front of the class so that each student is directed to the same conclusion. How to manage the board, so as to contain all important notes in the learning process?.

The skills of managing the learning process need to be trained continuously, so that the increase in teaching flying hours is directly proportional to the improvement of skills gained. This process cannot be released with the development of didactic design (reflection for action) , when the implementation of learning (reflection in action)and when updating the design of didactic and strengthening learning management skills (reflection of action).