>> Chairman of BEM Himatika ‘Identika’ UPI Period 2013

Congratulations to Farhan Firmansyah Kasim who was elected as Chairman of the Student Executive Board of the Mathematics Student Association ‘Identika’ Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia for the period 2013. Born in Ara, January 29, 1994, this student is a student of Mathematics Education Study Program 2011. He has the motto of life “benefiting others, God’s purpose”.

His vision and mission for bem this year are:


Realizing BEM Himatika ‘Identika’ UPI as a professional, responsive, and religious organization in carrying out the mandate of devotion.


1. Applying religious values in organizational activities

2. Foster responsiveness and family culture of UPI Himatika ‘Identika’ members in socializing and organizing

3. Improving the insights and abilities of UPI ‘Identika’ Himatika members in the fields of education, science, and organization.

4. Increase synergy with internal and external parties of the organization

5. Optimizing UPI’s BEM Himatika ‘Identika’ service to the needs of UPI ‘Identika’ Himatika members


If there is a suggestion and there is something to be conveyed to farhan’s brother can be through his mobile phone number namely: 085720417683, by email with the address farhankasim17@gmail.com, through facebook Farhan Firmansyah Kasim and through twitter with the username @FarhanFKasim