Community Service 2012

In early November 2012, the Department of Mathematics Education conducted Community Service at Muhammadiyah Pangandaran High School. The activities held are in the form of Seminars and Workshops on The Development of Teacher Professionalism and The Development of Innovative Mathematical Learning Tools.

The first speaker at the seminar was Prof. Dr. H. Didi Suryadi, M.Ed. with the material “Mathematical Problem Solving Dimensions of Thinking, Cognitive Processes, & Heuristic Strategies. While the second speaker is Prof. Dr. H. Tatang Herman, M.Ed.

At the workshop, participants were divided into two groups, namely the equivalent elementary school teaching group and the junior and high school teaching groups. The speaker in the elementary school teaching group is Prof. Dr. Darhim, M.Si. and Drs. H. Sufyani Prabawanto, M.Ed. While in the group of junior high and high school teachers is Drs. H. Erman Suherman, M.Pd. Dra. Hj. Ade Rohayati, M.Pd. and Dra. Nurjanah, M.Pd.