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UPI’s Bem Himatika ‘Identika’ Social Department held Community Service (PPM) in Pasir Jambu Village, Pasir Jambu District, Bandung Regency. This year’s PPM was attended by 81 students consisting of committees and non-committees. They are divided into 6 posts placed in the houses of the people of Pasir Jambu Village.

PPM officially opened on January 18, 2013 in a district hall attended by citizen representatives and lecturers of upi Department of Mathematics Education.

The activities carried out during PPM are as follows:

  1. Teaching: Teaching is done at SMP Negeri 1 Pasir Jambu with classes that get teaching are grades 7A, 7B, 8A, and 8B.
  2. Bakti work: The work of the students together with the residents to improve MCK in RW 02 affected by the landslide.
  3. Reading Garden Creation: The creation of a reading garden is focused on madrassa diniyah RW 02.
  4. Skill training and hand washing and toothbrush training: Skills training is focused on mothers and young women to make doormats out of a fabric. While hand washing and toothbrush training is followed by small children.
  5. Free Treatment: Free treatment is carried out in cooperation with BRC.
  6. Religious Contest: Religious competition is attended by elementary and junior high school children. The categories that are contested are adhan competition, calligraphy competition, tilawah race, and short letter memorization race.
  7. Math Games: Math Games are followed by elementary and junior high school children.
  8. Cheap Market: Cheap markets are held in the hall of the city and in the RW 08 office. The cheap market is focused on the type of stumbling block. The price pegged is Rp. 2000,00 – RP. 10.000,00.
  9. Computer Training: Computer training is focused on typing with ten fingers.
  10. Trash Creations: Each post is required to decorate buckets to be used as trash cans that will be placed in public places.
  11. UPI (Sorabi) Afternoon of Familiarity: Each post is required to collaborate with residents to showcase entertainment.
  12. Seminars and Workshops: Teacher seminars and workshops are held at SMP Negeri 1 Pasir Jambu. The seminar was attended by math teachers and principals from cluster 3. This seminar was also attended by lecturers from the department of mathematics education (jurdikmat) UPI. Seminar presenter is Prof. Dr. H. Wahyudin, M.Pd.