Efforts to Continue Studying Abroad

Lucy Dewan Yuliyanto or known as Uci is an accomplished student of UPI Mathematics Education Program, during her studies she often participated in olympic events, as in 2014 she participated in the National Science Olympics at the College level and successfully qualified for the regional selection stage. This 2011 student has been graduated this year, precisely at the Graduation Wave II, September 9, 2015 yesterday.onmipa-1024x576-1024x452

Here is Lucy’s talk about her efforts to continue studying abroad

“Starting from the experience of pak turmudi as a thesis guidance lecturer then I

  1. Looking for all the information about the campus I’m going to go to.
  2. Contact the admin via email
  3. If lucky, the admin will reply and continue the conversation to a more serious stage such as the administration that should be equipped
  4. Then the admin appoints our lecturers/ representatives, will be introduced by email
  5. After that we ask about the curriculum (courses, books, etc.) with the lecturer
  6. Then we upload a Certificate of Pass (indo-eng) + Transcript (indo-eng) to check whether it meets the criteria or not
  7. Ask for the iBT Toefl/ielts prerequisites that need or may be delayed
  8. Alhamdulillah not only discussed by email, he had come to Bandung so I could ask deeper questions such as thesis, research and matkul contract plan
  9. Verification requirements (STL/diploma (indo-eng), Transcript (indo-eng), CV, Recommendation letter, passport) because the cost of ielts /toefl is about $205 so I have not taken the test, want to prepare first about 3 months
  10. Submit all requirements (if i pay A$75 or through a free agent i happen to be assisted by the lecturer’s friend agent from IDP)
  11. Waiting for answers approximately 2-8 weeks for LoA conditional
  12. If you have tested ielts, submit the original ielts and diploma results and then loa unconditional
  13. ANu will provide ECO for tuition fee 1 semester/1year
  14. After payment is completed, create a student visa

Well guess I’m already in stage 12 and got loa conditional.”

All academic community of the Ministry of Mathematics Education wishes you a happy struggle, good luck getting a scholarship as expected.