FAOASJI (Functional Analysis and Operator Algebra Seminar between JAPAN and INDONESIA )



FAOASJI   is one manifestation of the development of gunma-UPI University collaboration that pioneered cooperation between Indonesia and Japan in the field of mathematical research, especially research in the topic of Functional Analysis and Operator Algebra studies.

One of the activities of FOASJI this time is a seminar, this seminar is one of the forms of the development of collaboration of Gunma-UPI University between Indonesia and Japan in the field of mathematical research.

This seminar took place on September 24-25, 2017 at upi JICA Building more precisely in the JICA Auditorium of the Matetamatika Department of Education UPI. There are several speakers that convey material about the ‘functional Analysis and Operator Algebra’

  1. Masaru NAGISA. “On Unitarily Invariant Norms on Matrices”.
  2. Hendra Gunawan.
  3. Tsuyoshi KAJIWARA. “Branched points and operator algebras”.
  4. Imam N.A. “Operator Norm Inequalities Based on Function Ratio Characterised by its Positive Definiteness”.
  5. Takashi ITOH. “Numerical radius operator spaces”.
  6. Rizky Rosjanuardi. “Cyclically Ordered Groups and Their Representation on Hilbert Spaces”.
  7. Tamotsu TERUYA. “Rholin Property for Inclusions of C*-algebra with a Finite Watatani Index”.

This seminar took place successfully like the previous minar seminar.