Farewell of Lecturer Pak Endang Mulyana

This event is a wise event because of the farewell of lecturers, namely Pak Endang Mulyana is always a lecturer in geometry who must stop because he has enough age to retire.

The event began with the pronunciation of Bismillahirramanirrahim so that this wisdom event received abundant blessings from the almighty God, a short video screening about Pak Endang Mulayana during teaching at the Ministry of Mathematics Education megawali the atmosphere of this event, the atmosphere was continued with the delivery of congratulations on the achievements of Pak Endang Mulyana and Greetings from several faculties.

Some of the lecturers also grieve for the inability of Pak Endang Mulyana to teach in the Ministry of Mathematics Education because of the quality of teaching Pak Endang Mulayana good, consistent and difficult to find the field of concentration that Pak Endang Mulyana teaches in this Ministry of Mathematics Education.

Pak endang Mulyana and his wife also then delivered a two-word speech that signified the farewell and spirit of teaching lectures to all lecturers who attended the event.

The event is followed by prayers, photos together, and eating as a sign of quality contact.