>> Field Experience Program (PPL) of Mathematics Education Students in Singapore (Part 1)

By : Fitriani Juwita, Student in Mathematics Education Department class of 2011

Seminar Macroeconomics

We never imagined before that we could have a chance to go to Singapore and do our Field Experience Program (PPL) in Sekolah Indonesia Singapore (SIS). PPL Kependidikan is one of the courses that belongs to the group of professional courses in the educational study program that aims to develop the educational profession. Through this PPL activity, students are not only required to use the knowledge and academic skills that have been obtained during the lecture, but students are also required to gain professional teaching experience. Students who are contracting PPL courses will be placed in certain schools. Sekolah Indonesia Singapura (SIS) is one of the ppl kependidikan partner schools at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. To implement PPL in SIS we also have to follow several selection processes. In 2014, UPI sent four of its students to conduct PPL education at SIS. The four of us are Fitriani Juwita (Student of Mathematics Education Department), Hilman Maysa Firdaus (Student of Biology Education Department), Marjan Nurjanah (Student of Mathematics Education Department) and Muhammad Bisri Mustofa (Student of Physics Education Department). The four of us are students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Education (FPMIPA).

Before leaving for Singapore, we were given training and supplies on our campus. We get briefings in the form of explanations about the situation and conditions in Singapore, knowledge of the 2013 curriculum, discussion of the content of the 2013 curriculum syllabus, up to teaching practice. The training aims to provide an overview of ppl implementation in Singapore.

Pre-Departure Training

Pre-Departure Training

After we’ve done our training and prepared everything we should, we departed on September10th 2014 from Husein Sastranegara International Airport Bandung to Changi International Airport Singapore. It’s the first experience to go to overseas for four of us!.

Arriving in Singapore, we were given a warm welcome by Mr. Ridwan Hassan as Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia Singapore, Mr. Ismunandar as Education Minister, Mr. Agus as Principal of Indonesia Singapore, several SIS teachers as well as some staff of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia. We’re so proud to meet and talk to so many great people there.

Our Arrivel in Changi Airport

Our arrival at Changi International Airport

(Bisri, Pak Agus, Marjan, Bu Siti, Fitriani, Hilman, Pak Wawan)

In front of KBRI

We are in front of Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia Singapore

While in Singapore, the four of us were given the facilities to stay at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (EMBASSY) of Singapore. The distance between the Embassy and SIS is quite far, but we went to SIS by using the school bus that has been provided by the Embassy of the Republic of East. We also set off with some children who also live in the embassy housing.

SIS has kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high school. The number of SIS students is about 140 students with the number of teachers as many as 15 people. SIS is the only indonesian national education organizing platform in Singapore. SIS is a school that implements two curriculums. National Curriculum with Curriculum 2013 and Cambridge Curriculum.

While at school, the room of the four of us was in the library. Sis library is quite comfortable and tidy. Every day, the library is always crowded with students so that we can interact more closely with the students. SIS is an amazing school! We met with children with diverse and exceptional talents. They’e so awesome! (continued)