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While at school, the room of the four of us was in the library. Sis library is quite comfortable and tidy. Every day, the library is always crowded with students so that we can interact more closely with the students. SIS is an amazing school! We met with children with diverse and exceptional talents.

In front of SIS' gate

SIS has several routine activities every day. The activities at SIS instilled a lot of good value in the character of their students. Every morning the excitement in SIS always starts with doing morning apples and praying together to start the lesson. In addition, even though the school is outside Indonesia, SIS continues to instill a sense of nationalism in its school residents by conducting a flag ceremony every Monday morning.

In addition, SIS is a school that understands the importance of balance to have moral charges, positive habits to support health and spiritual content. Therefore, every Thursday there is a sports event or reading a book together, this aims to get used to healthy living as well as improve the spirit of reading to the citizens of the school. In addition, every day during the resting hours all SIS citizens who are muslim sedance dzuhur worshippers in the Hall. Other religious activities are held every Friday, namely Friday prayer activities for Muslims and women for Muslims, for students who adhere to Christianity is also facilitated to carry out spiritual activities separately.

Shalat BerjamaahSIS’ Students do Congregation al-Pray

ReadingSIS’ Students are reading book on Thursday Morning

Boy ScoutBoy scout Activity

The first week we were in SIS, we were asked to meet the teacher and carry out the classroom observations according to the subjects we ampu. During the obseration period, we also learned how to teach in class, confront students, and determine what methods would be suitable to use in classroom teaching. The following week, we were teaching with the guidance of our tutor. We also do not forget to make a Recana Implementation of Learning (RPP) and consult it to our teachers. RPP aims to ensure that our teaching runs in accordance with the curriculum and can be optimal in developing students’ learning potential.

In addition to teaching in the classroom, SIS also has several activities outside the classroom. Such as extracurricular (exculacal), student council and activities that coincide with the anniversary of the national big day. Extracurricular studies at SIS include, vocal excula ation, scouting, badminton and Youth Scientific Work (KIR) which are performed once a week after the lesson hours are over. Not SIS name if not many activities, recently held several activities outside of teaching learning activities that are certainly very beneficial for all SIS residents, such activities include the implementation of Language Month and Career Day. The purpose of Language Month itself is to love Indonesia by loving its language. In addition to Language Month activities, there is also a Career Day program that aims to realize how to find your career in the future by bringing in two speakers. In addition to formal school activities, the Indonesian Embassy has a Job Education and Training Program (First Aid) and a Bi-Weekly Program held in SIS. First aid is also referred to as “Sunday School”. We are also involved in first aid activities that organize Equality (Package) B and C, Computer, English, Sewing, Salon, Hairdressing, and Open University, while PDM organizes activities in the form of Sports, Arts, Spiritual Coaching, Counseling and Mandarin. This training is intended for PLRT.

We as prospective teachers understand that we still have little experience in managing classes or in the larger scope of school system management. But in this SIS, we feel lucky because here, we are given very free access to explore and gain as much knowledge as possible, one of which is through teacher meetings scheduled every week. At this teacher meeting, we were able to interact with all the teachers and have a great experience. In addition, we are also given the opportunity to share the knowledge we get in lectures, whether it’s about learning methods, learning media, or relevant things about learning in the classroom.

During the month in Singapore, we also came new PPL friends from Yogyakarta State University. We’re happy to get to know them. We also do a lot of activities with them.

We are endlessly grateful for our place to carry out PPL here. The Education Minister led by Mr. Ismunandar facilitated us to enrich our insights by visiting the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in Johor. During our visit to KJRI we also gained new knowledge about the management of Sekolah Indonesia located in Johor. While visiting UTM, we also gained knowledge about the Faculty of Education and met with UTM lecturers.

Visit KJRIVisit KJRI Johor, Malaysia

In addition to participating in activities in SIS, we also attend many events in the Embassy such as attending seminars, attending TNI anniversary events, and we also do Eid al-Adha prayers at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesian Embassy. We didn’t forget to walk around and explore Singapore when the weekend came. This is also a great part of our stay here! Some places we have visited such as Merlion, Sentosa Island, Little India and several other places. There are still many places we will visit to add to our experience during our stay.

Universal StudioExcursion to Sentosa Island

MerlionTook a photo with Merlion

at NUSAttended Annual Musical Production by Indonesian Students in National University of Singapore (NUS)

Idul AdhaTook a photo with Deputy Chief of Mission and wife in Eid al-Adha 1435 H

We think PPL in Singapore is very useful and adds insight, not only that, we can also broaden our point of view in learning and teaching. We get a lot of new science and experience that is priceless. We are also very happy if we can benefit and help SIS and KBRI while we are in Singapore. We’re trying to give it the best we can. We also hope upi can still send its students to PPL in Singapore or even add other Countries so that UPI can realize its mission to become a world class university.