Gegeut Winda Building

Starting from the intention of devoting themselves to the community..
here’s a video of Gegeut winda’s memories

Click to see Gegeut Winda’s Memorable Video

Do you know why the PKM building is named Gegeut-Winda building? (use your 🎧 for better sound)
It turns out that Geugeut and Winda are two UPI students who died in his devotion in the eastern tip of Indonesia as educational heroes who teach in the 3T area!
Both left the world gloriously. When their knowledge becomes part of completing the mandate of the nation.

Prayers for the somber on earth: kang Geugeut Zaludiosanua Annafi and Winda Yulia tea
🎨 Illustrator @raicoret
🎬: @adhisty_kf
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