Gema Mathematics Student (GMM) 2009


CTM (High School Level)

Se-Jabar, DKI, and Banten


Se-Bandung Raya and Cimahi


Se-Bandung Raya and Cimahi



1. CTM (Intelligent Agile Math) XXX

Smart Agile Mathematics (CTM) is a high school/MA level math competition. This year’s CTM is called CTM XXX which is a series of CTM previous years. In this activity, students will be tested for dexterity in answering applicative math questions in teams. The questions presented in this activity are equivalent to the Olympic games. Through this activity, students are expected to apply mathematics in their daily lives.

2. CCM (Intelligent Mathematics) VI

The form of activity in this event is in the form of intelligently careful junior high school / MTs level. For this year it is named CCM VI. This series of activities in the form of allowances, mini outbound, and intelligent mathematics. This activity aims to add cohesion, creativity, sharpen logic, and imagination so as to form an active, critical, and creative personality.

3. Math-Games VI

Mathematics Games (Math-Games) is an ELEMENTARY/MI level math competition in the form of outbound games. It is hoped that through this activity, students can love math and understand that mathematics is not only symbols and numbers, but students can enjoy math through games.

4. Education Counseling

It is an event organized for teachers and student mentors of the participants of the competition. The purpose of this activity is to increase teachers’ insights on mathematical learning methods. Raising the problems needed by teachers at this time are about “Mathematical Learning Methods”, “Parental Involvement in Helping Children Solve Math Problems”, and “The Use of Props in Mathematics Learning”.


1. GMM Participants

  • CTM: High school students in West Java, DKI Jakarta, and Banten.
  • CCM: Junior High School Students in Bandung Raya and Cimahi.CTM, CCM, and Math-Games.
  • Math-Games: Elementary school students in Bandung Raya and Cimahi.
  • Education counseling: Teachers and mentors of elementary, junior high, and high school students who are participants in the competition

2. Participant Facilities

Certificate, lunch/snack, and free educational counseling ticket for one guide.


1. Drs. H. Sufyani Prabawanto, M.Ed. (Upi JurdikMat Student Lecturer) 2. Drs. H. Erman Suherman, M.Pd. (JurdikMat Lecturer) 3. Al Jupri, S.Pd., M.Sc.(JurdikMat UPI Student Lecturer)


Gema Mahasiswa Matematika (GMM) 2009 was held on 1-23 November with the following details:

1. Intelligent Agile Mathematics (CTM) XXX Implementation Time:

  • Allowance I: November 01, 2009
  • Allowance II: November 21, 2009
  • Semifinals: November 22, 2009
  • Final: November 23, 2009

Venue : School appointed in each region for the Preliminary stage I. CAMPUS UPI Bumi Siliwangi Bandung for the stage of Preliminary II, Semi Final, and Final.

2. IntelligentLy Careful Mathematics (CCM) VI Implementation Time:

  • Allowance: November 7, 2009
  • Semifinals: November 15, 2009
  • Final: November 23, 2009

Venue : UPI Bumi Siliwangi Bandung Campus

3. Math–Games VI

  • Allowance : November 08, 2009
  • Final : November 14th, 2009

Venue : UPI Bumi Siliwangi Bandung Campus.
4. Education Counseling
Implementation Time :

  • Elementary School Teacher Counseling : 08 November 2009
  • Junior High School Teacher Counseling : 07 November 2009
  • High School Teacher Counseling : November 21, 2009

Venue : UPI Bumi Siliwangi Campus

1. Registration Fee

  • CTM @ regu : Rp. 100.000,-
  • CCM @ regu : Rp. 90.000,-
  • Math Games @ regu : Rp. 80.000,
  • Counseling : Rp. 30.000,-*)

*) Outside the Advisor
2. Registration Time
• CTM : 1 – 23 Oct 2009
• CCM : Oct 1st – Nov 5th, 2009
• Math Games : Oct 1st – Nov 6th, 2009
• Counseling : 1 Oct – 6 Nov 2009

1.Transfer to BNI UPI Bandung Branch a.n Arsinah Rohaeni with account number 0133689135.
Furthermore, provide proof of photocopy of account transfer at the time of re-register (day of implementation)
2. Come to the front of mushola building FPMIPA UPI Jl. Dr. Setiabudi no. 229 Bandung 40154, or
3. Via SMS with the format:
* _nama sekolah_banyak squad
(Activity name: CTM/CCM/MG)
* Penyuluhan_nama lengkap_nama agencies
Send to number 085224604697
Example: CTM_SMAN 1 Bandung_2 send to 085224604697
Ket : Transfer a.n school applicants are not individual a.n except counseling.

1. Form a team representing each school with the following provisions:

  • CTM and CCM : 3 persons/squad
  • Math-Games : 5 people/squad

2. Pay the registration fee as specified.
3. Fill out and submit the registration form provided by the committee accompanied by a 3×4 size photo of 2 pieces.
4. Each school sends a maximum of 2 teams.

1. CTM

  • 1st Place: Menristek Rotating Trophy, Fixed Cup, and Savings.
  • 2nd Place : Fixed Cup and Savings.
  • 3rd Place: Fixed Cup and Savings.
  • Top score : Rotating Cup.

2. CCM

  • 1st Place: Rotating Trophy governor of West Java, Fixed Cup, and Savings.
  • 2nd Place : Fixed Cup and Savings.
  • 3rd Place: Fixed Cup and Savings.

3. Math-Games

  • 1st Place : Rotating Trophy Math Games, Fixed Cup, and Savings.
  • 2nd Place : Fixed Cup and Savings.
  • 3rd Place: Fixed Cup and Savings.


Rizal (08986944590)

Sugeng (081564944048)

Dawn (081573667630)