One day when the sun was no longer friendly, and the wind seemed to tell us to stand still. A fryer tries to fight his lazy taste by still selling, even though sweat is now flooding his leti body.

The fried man’s journey also stopped, right in front of a mushola that could be said to be quiet and uninhabited. In the time he put his body to a tree in front of the mushola, he occasionally saw his many fritters. Then it occurred to him that he would sell until the night, hoping to get a profit to take home.

In the middle of the fryer’s daydream, suddenly the foot steps and sobbing slag broke the silence of the time. How surprised the fryer said “innalillahi wainnailaihi rojiun”. It turned out that people were swarming towards the mosque while carrying stretchers, as a gesture of the dead. Seeing that the fryer immediately rushed to take wudoo’ in order to join the brand.


Now the day has changed the night. Quiet and quiet now spread throughout the village. But behind the silence, a marbot mushola is fulfilled by a dream that is so real. The marbot met the deceased who was blocked in the mushola this afternoon.

He said, “O deceased, what makes you so peaceful and happy, does Alloh SWT give you the pleasure of heaven?”.

He said, “You are indeed true, I have the blessing of paradise in my grave.”

He said, “Is it that you have the blessing of Paradise? What is your prayer? Your charity? Or your other deeds?”

The deceased immediately answered the marbot’s question. “Surely it is not my practice of worship that causes me this pleasure, all this is thanks to the prayer of a fryer.”

Soon the marbot woke up. The next day the marbot was waiting for the usual fryer through the mushola. But the day changed, the fryer never came.


One day came the marbot’s long-awaited fry-up. Marbot who is curious about the prayer that the fryer climbed immediately recounts the dream he has experienced. Sontak marbot was also surprised by the prayer that was climbed by the fryer, the language used is not Arabic or derived from the clergy but the language of the fryer itself.

It turns out that the fryer’s prayer was “O god who is all loving and rich, indeed this deceased is your guest, if he is my guest then I will give you all my fritters to glorify him”

There is a lot of wisdom we can take from this story. Perhaps for us, the prayer sounds simple, but the sincere prayer of someone is priceless. So let us not underestimate one’s prayer because of the appearance of the prayer giveer. In fact, a good prayer is not a long one and speaks Arabic but a good prayer is a prayer born of the sincerity of the prayer.

Source: “Time Aisle”