Graduation Wave I Mathematics Education Department

Today, April 17, 2013 is a happy day for all the large family of Mathematics Education Department of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. On that day as many as 12 students have successfully completed their studies in the Department of Mathematics Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.

Wisuda Gel 1 2013 (11)


Of the 12 students who are graduated today, 1 student is from the Mathematics Study Program and as many as 11 others are from the Mathematics Education Study Program. Here are the names of graduates of the Department of Mathematics Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia:

Wisuda Gel 1 2013 (46)

  1. 19Reviews , 10Followers
  2. Ady Sulton Maulana S. Pd.
  3. Fifih Nurafiah S. Pd.
  4. Asri Nurhafsari S. Pd.
  5. 202-233-2200.
  6. 202-233-2200.
  7. Noni Hafriani S. Pd.
  8. Pratiwi Purnamasiswi S. Pd.
  9. 202-233-2200.
  10. 19Reviews , 10Followers
  11. 12 Reviews , 2Followers
  12. Ino Rustandi S. Pd.


Congratulations to the graduates, hopefully the knowledge that has been gained is beneficial for the progress of nusa and the nation.