Kemendikbud will provide educational scholarships to Winda Yulia’s family

Friday, November 30, 2012 around 1:00 p.m. winda Yulia’s body that was the victim of a boat accident carrying 4 sm3t program teachers finally arrived at Al-Furqon Mosque, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. A number of lecturers and students of the Department of Mathematics Education along with other Friday Prayer congregations participated in the burning of bodies.

Based on the sources we quoted from several media, Winda Yulia’s family will be given an educational scholarship by the Ministry of Education.

BANDA ACEH – Agus Susilo, Director of Educators and Education Director General of The Ministry of Education and Culture will conduct family data collection from Winda Yulia before being awarded a scholarship for their education. This was said by Agus Susilo to, Friday, November 30, 2012.

According to Agus, his party will provide full scholarships ranging from S1 to S3, domestic and foreign, to families left behind by Winda Yulia as a tribute to winda’s dedication. ‘It’s not a replacement money, but it’s a tribute. For the family, the child is an asset of no value,” said Agus Susilo who recently delivered Winda’s body to his family on the campus of the University of Education Indonesia (UPI) Bandung.

As for Geugeut Zaludiosasuna Annafi, another victim who until now has not been found, Agus stated that his party is still waiting for official news from Basarnas who is conducting a search. “For sure we will treat the same between Winda and Geugeut, they are educational heroes,” agus said.

In addition to receiving scholarship compensation, Winda also received an award as a service teacher from the Ministry of Education and Culture that will be given by President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono.

Winda Yulia’s body has now been handed over to her family at Al Furqan Mosque UPI Bandung, planned to be brought back to her home in Panumbangan, Ciamis Regency, West Java. []

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JAKARTA, — The Ministry of Education and Culture awarded a scholarship to the family of one of the teachers who participated in the Bachelor of Teaching program of The Leading, Outermost and Disadvantaged Regions, Winda Yulia, who drowned in East Aceh. The awarding of this scholarship is a manifestation of Kemdikbud’s attention to the sacrifice of the best alumnus of the Mathematics Department of the University of Education of Indonesia.

“Winda’s spirit will be continued through his family to attend school,” said Director of Educators and Educational Personnel directorate of Higher Education Kemdikbud Supriadi Rustad in Bandung, Friday (11/30/2012), after the funeral of Winda at the University of Education Indonesia (UPI).

Supriadi explained that scholarships will be given to the families of the victims who were left behind. Scholarships will be awarded to the entire biological family of Winda. If there is no biological family, one person appointed by the family becomes a representative. “The scholarship is full coverage,”said Supriadi.

Supriadi said that the government appreciated the services of the deceased, and considered him to have suffered a disaster while carrying out state duties. UPI Rector Sunaryo Kartadinata added that the university will try to facilitate the wishes of the family of Geugeut Zaludiosanusa Anafi. The search for Geugeut by the SAR team and UPI will continue. This is in accordance with the family’s request. “There are as many as two teams that are monitoring, from us and also from Medan State University,” he said.

Winda returned home after attending a coordination meeting of The Bachelor of Teaching in The Leading, Outermost and Disadvantaged Regions (SM3T) at the East Aceh District Dikpora Office, around 17.00 WIB, Monday (11/26/2012). Supposedly, Winda, his three colleagues, and two drivers will return to Melidi Village, where they are on duty. However, the river current hit the boat that was boarded. After a four-day search, Winda was finally found lifeless on Thursday (11/29/2012) at noon.

As for his colleague, Geugeut, it is still in the search stage. After attending the funeral at UPI, Supriadi was also very hopeful that Geugeut could be found safe. SM3T is an undergraduate education program to participate in the acceleration of educational development in the 3T area for one year. This program will be continued with the Teacher Professional Education Program.

Source: KOMPAS