Mathematics Education Department Activities 2009

Here are some of the planned activities of the Department of Mathematics Education 2009.

  1. Mathematics Seminar
  2. Workshop courses
  3. Teaching book workshops
  4. KBK Workshop
  5. Rejuvenation of computer and internet facilities in each lecturer’s room
  6. Workshop on utilizing computer application programs to solve math problems
  7. Preparation of information systems majors
  8. Literature development courses
  9. Research and publication
  10. Organizing lectures with e-learning system
  11. Coaching student olympics, development of student peer tutors, scholarships, and other student activities.
  12. Development of mathematics lab and mathematics learning
  13. Preparation for international class
  14. Preparation of SOP activities
  15. ….

Some other agendas of activities we have not shown here.

Until mid-January 2009, the agenda of activities that have started / is being carried out: mathematics seminars, workshops of several kbk, and literature development majors. Other activities will begin to be carried out as scheduled in the coming months in 2009.