>> Mathematics Student as Presenter at ICTEL, Singapore


The International Conference on Teaching, Education and Learning(ICTEL) is a conference organized by Global Research and Development Services(GRDS) located at the Management Development Interational of Singapore (MDIS), Singapore. This event was held on June 14-15, 2015 which is an international conference with the theme Collaborate to Co-create. Through ICTEL, all research conducted by the researchers present presented and exchanged information with the output of improving the quality of education in the country of origin of the researcher.

Hani Nurhasanah and Endah Gustianti Hamzah, students from the Mathematics Education Study Program class of 2012 as the only presenters among international students. The title of the study presented is Contextual Game Learning (CGL) as A Means of Improving Elementary School Students’Abilities in Learning Mathematics in Special Service Class (Retrieval-Remedial) Program in Indonesia. This paper was also collaborated with another research idea, Maribi (UPI Student).

The keynote speaker came from singapore’s National Institute of Education,Assoc. Prof. Chen Wenli. In addition, another presenter who attended was Dr. Mevlut Aydogmus (Turkey), Prof. Ashraf Nasr (Qatar) María Guadalupe Tinajero-Villavicencio (Mexico), Rong Huang (UK), Forouq Mansouri (Iran), Nurulhayati Ilias (Malaysia), Brian E. Smith (Japan), Dr. Safary Wa-Mbaleka, EdD, PhD (USA), Dr. Nazia Hasan (India), Cecilia I. C. Lin (Tawan) and other presenters.

It is a pride of the Indonesian University of Education to delegate students, especially from the Faculty of Mathematics and Science Education (FPMIPA) who are presenters at international conferences. Therefore, it is appropriate as students to constantly hone and equip ourselves with useful things to be able to further develop their potential by divesting scientific values through creative ideas in an effort to realize the scientific and research generation in Indonesia. (HN/EGH)