MGMP Mathematics Visit of Purbalingga High School to UPI Mathematics Education Department

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 was an exciting day for the residents of UPI Department of Mathematics Education. That on that day they got a visit from teachers who are members of MGMP Mathematics SMA Purbalingga who took the time to visit the Department of Mathematics Education UPI in order to add insight on the creation of mathematical learning media and also the preparation of PTK.

In this event, MGMP Mathematics SMA Purbalingga was received by the Head of Mathematics Study Program UPI, Mrs. Entit Puspita and Mrs. Rini Marwati as Head of Computer Laboratory. Furthermore, the participants of the visit got materials about the medium of mathematics learning delivered by Mr. Erman Suherman and materials on Class Action Research (PTK) delivered by Mr. Karso.