>> Nabil Mahatir, Indonesian Delegation to IMC 2021

Nabil Mahatir, a student of UPI Mathematics Study Program, was one of eleven Indonesian delegates in the IMC (Interanional Mathematics Contest) 2021 held in Bulgari. This delegation is the medalists in the selection of KNMIPA (National Competition for Mathematics and Natural Sciences) 2021 in mathematics held in July – August.

The delegates from Indonesia are:
1. Akeyla Pradia N (Bandung Institute of Technology)
2. Rizma Yudatama (University of Eleven March)
3. Nabil Mahatir (Indonesian University of Education)
4. Waffiq Maaroja (Gajah Mada University)
5.M. Reza Ardhana (Bogor Agricultural University)
6. Andry Wijaya (University of Indonesia)
7. Kelvin Tenata (University of Indonesia)
8. Syaifullah Hi Nurdin (Hasanudin University)
9. Alvian Alif H (Sepuluh November Institute of Technology)
10. Bramantya Arya (Bogor Agricultural University)
11. Rofiud Darojad (Malang State University)