>> OPENING PPM 2014 BEM Himatika ‘Identika’ UPI


Community Service (PPM) 2014 officially opened on August 11, 2014. The opening of PPM 2014 was held at Pesanggrahan Village Hall and attended by participants along with pesanggrahan village head, representative from Kasomalang sub-district, and lecturer from The Department of Mathematics Education, Drs. H. Sufyani P., M.Ed. and Lukman, S.Si., M.Si..

The event organized by BEM Himatika ‘Identika’ UPI took place from August 11, 2014 to August 17, 2014 in Pasanggrahan Village, Kasomalang District, Subang Regency, West Java. The 2014 PPM series includes teaching, free medicine, cheap markets, and school teacher seminars.