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Meet, my name is Nadya Syifa Utami from Mathematics Education 2016. On this occasion I would like to share my story, it may not be something so great but I hope through this writing I can share the practice with friends.

Alhamdulillah, by the permission of Allah. I was given the opportunity to rank 3rd in the FPMIPA Student Achievement (MaPres) election in 2020. It was an unexpected achievement for me because it never occurred to me in the slightest that I would enter the top 3 MaPres FPMIPA. My intention to participate in this activity is purely to seek experience. Initially one of my guiding lecturers, Pak Al Jupri S.Pd., M.Sc., Ph.D., gave me the opportunity to participate in the selection of faculty-level MaPres. I am aware that I am currently in my final semester at UPI Mathematics Education. Wanting to participate in various activities also feels heavy because there are thesis and PPL to be carried out. However I think back, it is not too late to seek experience. Therefore, I did not waste this opportunity even though my position was already in the ‘old’ generation.

There are several requirements that I have to meet, including certificates of achievement, both academic and non-academic. I realized that if I am not very prominent in the academic field, then I strong in the non-academic aspects. I collected all the certificates ranging from being a member of the BEM Association, committees, volunteers,scholarships, and SEA-Teacher (teaching experience in one of the ASEAN countries, i had the opportunity to teach in Thailand).

In addition to the above, I also collect english proficiency certificates. Although it is not mandatory, I see the language skills recognized by the United Nations (English, Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish, Russian, French) that mapres candidates must possess. Therefore I just listed it as proof that I have the ability of 1 of the 6 languages.

Next is collecting Scientific Papers (KTI). This is an important point in the election of MaPres. I created kti by referring to kti writing guide from dikti. In addition to KTI, there are also abstracts/summaries of KTI written in English.

After collecting all the requirements, I was guided by Mr. Al Jupri to create a power point (PPT) related to the KTI that I wrote and used two languages; english and indonesian. I also prepared to present with these two languages. This is quite a nervous thing, but this is an opportunity for me to practice speaking in public especially with English. Many things I prepare start from the presentation duration restriction (I practice with a duration of 20 minutes for each language), explaining the points I write in ppt (I avoid the display slides that are full of writing because they will look unappealable, while also indicating that there is an unpreparedness within the speaker if all the material is written in slide), as well as intonation (it’s important to explain which parts the speaker wants to emphasize when presenting).

On the day of the KTI presentation, it turns out that the duration to explain is shortened to 10 minutes and only uses English. A little surprised at first, but I tried to calm down and be confident because I had prepared everything. After the presentation, there will be a question and answer session about KTI conducted by the jury which is representative of lecturers from all departments in FPMIPA. The total duration of this activity is 30 minutes.

The first rank is students who will represent the faculty for university-level MaPres selection. Although I did not get the position, I was quite satisfied with all the experience and knowledge I gained in participating in this activity. The champion predicate I got was just a bonus from the effort I made in preparing for this activity. One thing I want to tell friends, it is never too late to start, it is never too late to try because we will never know our ability if we never challenge ourselves.

Hopefully this writing will be useful and I hope there will be from friends who have achieved this, especially at upi’s Department of Mathematics Education.

Wassalamualaikum, wr wb.