PPM (Community Service) DEPDIKMAT (26-27 September 2020)


         On Saturday – Sunday 26 – September 27, 2020, the Department of Mathematics Education FPMIPA UPI conducted pkm activities in the form of seminars and online workshops with the theme “Development of Innovative Learning Models to Improve The Professionalism of Junior High School Math Teachers”.

         This PKM activity is chaired by Prof. Dr. H. Nanang Priatna, M.Pd. Saturday, September 26, 2020,is filled with material exposure from 4 speakers as follows: 

  1. Prof. Dr. H. Darhim, M.Si.
    Innovation of One Variable Linear Equation Learning in junior high school;
  2. Prof. Dr. H. Nanang Priatna, M.Pd.
    Project-Based Learning Model with STEM Approach in Junior High;
  3.  Prof. Dr. Rizky Rosjanuardi, M.Si.
    The Importance of Learning Barriers Analysis in Designing Mathematics Learning in Junior High School;
  4.  Dr. Nurjanah, M.Pd.
    Geometry Learning in Junior High School with CAI Model (Computer Assisted Instruction)Assisted By Cabri 3D Software.

         The activity on the first day was attended by approximately 500 participants from various agencies, circles, and regions. Sunday, September 27, 2020,is filled with the following material exposures: 

  1. Al Jupri, Ph.D.
    Horizontal and vertical mathematical aspects of geometric problem solving in junior high school;
  2. Hj. Encum Sumiaty, M.Si., Endang Dedy, M.Si., Dr. Jarnawi A. Dahlan
    Development of teaching materials based on learning barriers;
  3. Hj. Entit Puspita,M.Si., Ririn Sispiati, M.Si., Dr.H.Cece Kustiawan
    Make video teaching materials with OBS (open broadcasting system)in BDR period;
  4. Tia Purniati,M.Pd., & Fitriani Agustina, M.Si.
    Create learning videos with camstudio app;
  5. Eyus Sudihartinih,M.Pd. & Hj. Dewi Rahmatin, M.Si.
    Gamefication in math learning: quizizz, kahoot, slido, TTS, google form;
  6. Hj.Rini Marwati,M.Si.
    Saung Himelnah Learning House as a Place to Educate Lifestyle Without Garbage;
  7. Dr. H. Dadang Juandi, M.Si
    Designing PTK during the Covid-19 Pandemic.