Price Of A Book

By: Al Jupri, M.Sc.

Tom just got home from the bookstore. He bought a very interesting book, titled Ngobrol Mat: Fun Ways to Learn Math. So interesting, Tom immediately read the book when he arrived home.

Seeing Tom read a new book, his mother asks this-that. Including asking the price of the book his son had just bought.

Mom: “Tom’s book Chat Mat is how much does it cost?”

Hearing his mother’s question, as well as being inspired by the reading of his new book, Tom answers in a puzzled way.

Tom : “Mmm…. the price is Rp. 13.500,- plus half the price of this book!”

Getting such a strange answer, Tom’s mother thought, trying to figure out the price of the book.

cover ngobrol mat

So, how much does Ngobrol Mat’s bookcost?