>> Prof. H. Yaya S. Kusumah, M.Sc., Ph.D., Representative of Indonesia speaks at the UNESCO-WTA Forum 2017

Daejon, UPI

A total of 102 UNESCO-WTA member countries participated in the UNESCO-World Technopolis Association (WTA) International Training Workshop, in Daejeon Metropolitan City, South Korea, Monday to Thursday (11-14/92017).


At the forum, Indonesia is believed to be one of 5 Countries representing 102 UNESCO-WTA member states to give its exposure in a presentation on Best Practices related to the development and management of science-technology park (STP). The Indonesian delegation represented by the Indonesian University of Education (UPI) consists of the Director of the Graduate School of Indonesian University of Education (SPs UPI) Prof. Yaya S. Kusumah, Ph.D., Deputy Director of Academic and Student Affairs of UPI SPs Prof. Dr. Anna Permanasari, M.Si., and Chairman of the Historical Education Studies Program of UPI SPs Dr. Leli Yulifar, M.Pd.
Director of UPI SPs Prof. H. Yaya S. Kusumah, M.Sc., Ph.D., appeared as a presenter on behalf of Indonesia to deliver material on government policy, development direction, and examples of Science and Technology Park (STP) management programs in Indonesia.

As a Doctorate graduate of Curtin University of Technology, Australia, Prof. Yaya is very understanding of the concepts, stages of implementation, and development strategies of Science and Tekno Park. His exposure to the implementation of the principle of Triple-Helix partnership/cooperation between government, industry, and universities in the development and management of STP in Indonesia received good attention and welcome from the participants.

Some participants from several countries conveyed directly to Prof. Yaya’s interest in learning more about the development and management of STP in Indonesia. A Professor from Brazil instead proposed research cooperation with UPI related to the development of STP, even planned to visit and was interested in becoming a visiting Professor at UPI. (dodiangga)


source: UPI news portal