Professional Development Seminar of Junior High School Mathematics Teacher/MTs in Subang Regency

Seminar Guru

Ppm implementation committee 2014 held a teacher seminar entitled ‘Seminar on Professional Development of Junior Mathematics Teachers/MTs in Subang Regency’ held in MTsN Kasomalang, Subang on August 16, 2014. This seminar presented lecturers from UPI Department of Mathematics Education and Dr. H. Karso, M.M.Pd. as the main presenter.

In addition to the main presenters, lecturers also gave workshops “Improving Teacher Competency in Class Action Research (PTK) and Scientific Writing (KTI) collaboratively. The seminar was conducted in collaboration with UPI’s Himatika Identika BEM with upi Mathematics Education Department, Subang District Education Office, and the Indonesian Mathematics Educators Association.