Professor’s Inauguration

On Thursday, April 26, 2012, it was a very happy day for Mr. Prof. Dr. H. Nanang Priatna, M.Pd., and Mr. Prof. Dr. H. Darhim, M.Si. Because on that day, both received confirmation as professors in the field of mathematics education. At the inauguration ceremony of the professor, Mr. Nanang delivered an inauguran speech entitled: “Developing Reasoning and Problem Solving Skills through Mathematical Power Strategies in Schools”, while Mr. Darhim delivered an inauguran speech entitled: “Mathematics Teacher as Scientist and Student in addition to being a Professional Teacher”.

The inauguration ceremony was held at UPI Meeting Hall and continued with a friendly and dining event together at the JICA FPMIPA UPI building attended by hundreds of Students as well as lecturers and employees of FPMIPA UPI.

We as admin, congratulate prof. Dr. H. Darhim, M.Si., and mr. Prof. Dr. H. Nanang Priatna, M.Pd. who has been confirmed as professor.

Here are some documentation photos of the event: