Selection Results of Assistant Candidates


We would like to express our deepest gratitude for the attention of prospective assistants who have volunteered to help the activities and development of computer laboratories in the Department of Mathematics Education. After considering the components of portfolio assessment, oral and written interviews, and their work. So based on the needs of the development division in the laboratory, we decided that the computer laboratory assistants of the Department of Mathematics Education for the period September 2011 to August 2012 are:

  • INDRA RUKMANA (Software Production Division)
  • DIAN NOPIYANI (Multimedia Documentation Division)
  • ROFIQ ROBITULLOH MUROD (WEB Development and Maintenance Division).

We wish you good work. Your activities will first begin with an internship with the previous period assistant throughout August 2011. It is expected to be held on August 3 at a computer lab. We hope you can cooperate with us and carry out your duties responsibly.

For unelected assistant candidates, with open arms we accept your work that can be developed in the laboratory. Hope you get another better chance.

Bandung, 22 July 2011

Head of Computer Laboratory

UPI Math Education Courses

Dra. Rini Marwati, M.S.