>> Seminar 7 Wonders of Sustenance

Sunday, December 26, 2010. UPI’s BEM HIMATIKA ‘IDENTIKA’ hosts an extraordinarily great event. Events that can increase people’s motivation for a successful life. SEMINAR 7 WONDERS OF SUSTENANCE.

SEMINAR 7 MIRACLE REZEKI was held at TC UPI Auditorium (Isola Resort Hotel UPI). No fewer than 110 participants took part in the event. Participants are not only from Bandung Raya area, but also some from Jakarta, Sulawesi, and various regions in Indonesia. The event featured two outstanding speakers. They are Ippho “RIGHT” SANTOSA and ARCHAN the “Provocateur”. Ippho is the best creative mareketer indonesia and ARCHAN is chairman of SPIN Inc. As well as being guided by two hosts who are also no less exceptional, they are Wanda and Elmi from Urban Radio. And also enlivened by the country band that performed three pieces of song.

The benefits that hopefully get by participants who diligently participate in the event are able to hone the right brain, creativity, imagination, and intuition, can make decisions 1000 times faster with the right brain, can sell faster, more, and more expensively, can master 90% of the sustenance door with the right brain, and can understand 19 charities that multiply sustenance.

The event will last until 15:00 committee time.