>> ‘Sharing Session Zero Waste Lifestyle’ Webinar – PKM-PM Department of Mathematics Education UPI

The PKM-PM (Student Creative Program – Community Service) 2021 team from UPI Department of Mathematics Education consisting of Rifaldi, Melisa Eka Fitria T, Syein Fadilla Putri S., and Putri Cinndy Shylvia, on Saturday, August 7, 2021, held a webinar event titled “Sharing Session Zero Waste Lifestyle”.
The event is divided into three sessions. The first session is the exposure of the speakers, the second session is the moderator’s question-and-answer with the speakers, and the third session is the question-and-answer of the speakers with the audience.
The speakers at this event were:
1. Akina Furuoka (Non-Formal Coordinator of Saung Himelnah, Japan)
2. Lulu Nailuaaz (Peberuna Mayor Charter &Volunteer Action Kang Pisman Movement, Bandung)
3. Rifaldi &Syein (PKM-PM Incentive Recipient, Bandung)

Akina Furuoka

Lulu Nailufaaz

Rifaldi &Syein

The event was attended by about 50 people consisting of UPI students, UNPAD students, Himelnah volunteers, and the general public.