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The Executive Board of Students of the Mathematics Student Association ‘Identika’ Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia will hold community service (PPM) on May 25-31, 2013 in Sukamaju Village, Cimaung District, Bandung Regency. As for PPM BEM HIU 2013 this time raised the theme “Life to share, sincere to give, in boundless devotion”. This means that it is expected that students graduating from the university will be able to share sincerely in the unlimited devotion in the Indonesian community.

PPM BEM HIU 2013 is one of the work programs of the Ministry of Social and Political Services which is in the service division chaired by Rakhmat Nurul Hakim with azhar nashrussalam and Laesa Nuriah staff for community service work program (PPM). The foundations of community service (PPM) are:

  1. Q.S. Al-Maidah : Verse 2, “And help you in virtue and taqwa…”
  2. Tridharma Pergururan Tinggi on Devotion;
  3. Recommendations of MUMAS 2012;
  4. AD Chapter II Article 5, Chapter IV article 9 paragraph 3 and article 10 paragraph 4;
  5. ART Chapter II Article 2 Verse 2
  6. GBPK Chapter II verse 1.3, Chapter III verse 2.9;

PPM BEM HIU 2013 is an effort or action taken against a region effectively, efficiently and continuously to obtain better results in the form of improvements in the field that has been formulated (education, economic, social, environmental and spiritual fields) in the region.

As well as the ppm bem hiu 2013 is expected to be able to increase the standard of living (levels of living) of thecommunity, both its income, food consumption, support, boards, health services, education, and so on, improving social care in the community and improving professionalism in the field of education. The target of PPM BEM HIU 2013 is villages with low living standards.

The activities that will be held are friendly matches, service work, reading garden making, teaching, skills training of students and citizens, cheap market, hand washing and toothbrush training, Math Games, smart meticulous, religious competitions, grand tabligh, teacher seminars and free medicine. In addition also we can vacation + useful.

PPM BEM HIU 2013 participates in supporting government programs in an effort to prosper Indonesian society. Student Life!

SHARK BEM PPM REGISTRATION 2013 (until May 17, 2013):

Rp. 130,000,-/student

(lodging, transportation, meals, clothes and certificates)

Type : PPM_Nama_Kelas_Angkatan

CP : Laesa Math B 2012 (089628317305)