>> Smart Mathematics At Junior High School level in West Java

The form of activity in this event is in the form of intelligently careful junior high school level. For this year it is named CCM IX. This activity aims to assess the extent of mathematical understanding of students so that their mathematical thinking skills are explored optimally.

CCM Activities
CCM activities are divided into 4 stages, namely as follows:
1) Allowance I
2) Allowance II
3) Semi-finals
4) Final
Implementation Time
1) Allowance I : November 17, 2012
2) Allowance II : November 23, 2012
3) Semifinals : November 24, 2012
4) Final : November 25, 2012
Junior High School Students in West Java
Place of Implementation
1) Universities appointed in each region for the Preliminary Stage I
2) UPI Bumi Siliwangi Bandung Campus for Preliminary Stage II, Semifinal, and Final

Terms and Regulations of I CCM IX Investigation

  1. Each team consists of 3 people, who are students who are still active in the school in question. Each school sends a maximum of three teams
  2. Attendees are expected to attend 15 minutes before the event begins.
  3. Late participants do not get extra time.
  4. At the time of the competition, participants wear their school uniforms.
  5. Participants bring their own stationery at the time of the race.
  6. The participant’s representative re-registers according to the specified time.
  7. The time to work on the problem is 100 minutes.
  8. Late participants do not get extra time.
  9. There are no errors for all the problems (do it as it is).
  10. At the time of implementation, communication tools such as HP. pagers, etc. are not enabled.
  11. It is forbidden to borrow stationery to other participants.
  12. Rating system :

For Short Stuffing Questions
If true is rated 4
If incorrectly rated -1
If not filled in is rated 0

For The Problem Description
If answered correctly given a score of 10

Scope of Material To Be Contested In Allowance I CCM IX

  • Algebra

A. System of linear equations and inequalities of one and two variables.
B. Social arithmetic.
C. Comparison.
D. Set.
E. Functions, gradients, and graphs.

  • Numbers

Operation count integers and fractions.

  • Geometry

A. The concept of angles.
B. Build a flat and build a space.
C. Theorem of Phytagoras.
D. Partnership and revival.

  • Statistics and Opportunities

Pay the registration fee Rp. 130,000.00 / squad
Payment of registration money can be done by:

  1. Transfer to BNI Payakumbuh Branch a.n. PRIMA INDRIYANI B with account number 0197308098. Furthermore, provide proof of photocopy of transfer at the time of re-registration (day of implementation) or
  2. Pay directly to the organizing committee of GMM 2012 in front of the Mushola BUILDING FPMIPA UPI Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi no. 229 Bandung 40154.

Registration is open from 24 September – 17 November 2012
Ccm IX registration can be done by:

  1. Coming to the front of mushola building FPMIPA UPI Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi no. 229 Bandung 40154, or
  2. Via SMS with the format:

Squad Kegiatan_Nama Sekolah_Banyak Name
(Activity Name : CCM)
Send to :
CCM : 081321040849 (Rifa)

Example: CCM_SMPN 1 BANDUNG_2 send to 081321040849

1. Re-registration was conducted on November 17, 2012 at the location of Allowance I
2. Participants are required to bring proof of payment of registration form.

Description : Transfer a.n. registrant school, not individual a.n.
More info visit GMM