>> Sports Week and Mathematical Creativity (PENALTY)


Confused neh abis UAS what ya???

  1. Returning home, kagok afraid there is guidance with lecturers or there are other interests that are not
  2. Go watch it here and there??? Ouch!!! Ngabisin money….
  3. What’s the best place to stay??? Boro-boro have something to offer….

Instead of being confused, dizzy!!! Mending refresh your mind, soul, body yukkkk …

UPI’s Bem Himatika ‘Identika’ called 2011 Math Sports and Creativity Week neh!!!

What’s the best event you’ve ever seen? Enal penalties with various branches:

1. Voly Tournament

2. Basketball Tournament

3. FUTSAL Tournament


5. Inauguration there is a road motion with the citizens of mathematics (one of the proposals of lecturers, hopefully so yes)

Create a teteh that is still active in the department of mathematics education or mathematics alumni as well, can participate

Yukkkk ah join…. leaked the show approximately July 9-10 and July 16-17.

Will Teteh who wants KKN do not confuse can not participate in PENALTY on July 16-17, !!! It’s time for us to go for that date.

when deui raramean competence, fighting!!! refreshing akang teteh ….

Budget Plan

Futsal men and women 60k, voly putra putri 60k, bsket also gitu. . . u/ chess 20rb(for 3org). .

.all branches Rp. 200.000,00

*For alumni who want to pay more, accepted pisan akang teteh…

More info SMS or CALL

Ogy: 081809670180

Maygi: 081313186183