Hi Hi! The work program that will be discussed this time from the Spiritual Division, the event is routinely conducted and open to the public as well. Has anyone been able to nebak dong for sure?

Iyap bener kaya is titled yaa, STATMAT. For those of you who do not know ya STATMAT it stands for Sasarengan Ta’lim Ti Himatika. Well the purpose of this activity itself is to facilitate the citizens of himatika (in particular) to study science and scientific insights.

As the name implies yaa this activity in the form of ta’lim from presenters who have been invited first with the committee. For the presenters themselves must be really cool nih guys, because before the committee invites presenters to fill this activity, the committee’s survey already first. So do not worry about the bosen or other.

For those who’ve been to STATMAT may already know usually discuss what, for those who do not know so in this STATMAT the material discussed in the form of knowledge and motivation of Islam. In addition, each meeting held tuh different loh theme.

The previous meeting was titled “Becoming the Best Generation: Reorganizing Your Life Starting from Your Prayer”, how? That’s cool! From the material aja’ve looked really cool right? Well mimin as a participant also feel really how cool this event, mimin dapet new science and knowledge when finished this activity. Previously this activity has also raised the topic of “Keeping the Spirit in Studying”. If you want to participate in this cool and useful activity calmly, in this period there will still be STATMAT activities because this activity is held four times in one period. Well for those of you who want to join the nearest event will be on December 20. This date is also the culmination of statmat loh guys activities. The event is usually cool aja’ve let alone this peak event, do not miss yaa!!

(Eneng Riska Nuraeni)