Student of The Ministry of Mathematics Education 2nd Winner of Banten Provincial Tourism Ambassador Event



Ghaisani Fildjah Fitri, a student of the Department of Mathematics Education, Mathematics Study Program managed to become the 2nd Champion or 1st Representative of Nong Banten at Kang Nong Banten 2017 which was held on November 24, 2017 by the Tourism Office of Banten Province.






Starting with being one of the participants of Putra-Putri Bumi Siliwangi or UPI Campus Ambassador representing the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Education, Ghaisani then fell in love with the world of pagent. According to him, many useful lessons and benefits in addition to modeling and public speaking, his leadership skills and insights increased after participating in a series of campus ambassador selection activities.    






Feeling challenged, Ghaisani again participated in the selection of Tourism Ambassadors in Cilegon City in 2016 and managed to become 2nd Place or Vice 1st Ambassador of Tourism and Culture Cilegon City 2016. Since winning at the city level, Ghaisani then represented Cilegon for the 2017 Banten Provincial Tourism Ambassador and competed with representatives from other cities and districts. It was in this event that Ghaisani managed to become the 2nd Champion or 1st Representative of Nong Banten.


Congratulations to Ghaisani, and hopefully Ghaisani’s achievements can inspire.