>> Students of the Department of Mathematics Education at the 2017 National Student Science Olympics, DISDIKPORA DIY


With the determination to increase the nation’s intelligence and scientific awareness for future students, the Education, Youth, and Sports Office of Yogyakarta Special Region held the National Student Science Olympics (OSN). Held on October 2-5, 2017, there are four contested fields namely, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. However, UPI only sends representatives for the fields of Mathematics and Physics. At OSN 2017, the Ministry of Mathematics education sent three representatives, Haniyah Arfan, Maisuri Pratiwi, and Pradipta Swiantana who were guided by Dra. Encum Sumiaty, M.Si. .


OSN 2017 involved approximately 300 participants and various public and private universities such as ITB, UGM, Unes, Unpar, and Pertamina University. Each field contested will be taken by the three best people as 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.



The event began on October 2 with the opening of OSN 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at Hotel Tara Yogyakarta.Continued the next day with a race at Mercu Buana University Yogyakarta from 8.00 to 12.00. On the third day, sinau tour activities were held to two locations, namely Keraton and Mount Merapi Museum, and in the evening was held the announcement of the winner at prambanan temple site while participants were invited to watch Ramayana Ballet Prambanan Temple.


An exciting event and provides a valuable experience for the participants. A good step to realize future generations who are able to participate and follow the pace of science and technology development. Hopefully in the future more similar events are held.