>> Symposium on Analysis, Geometry and Applications 2017



The second Symposium on Analysis, Geometry and Applications (SAGA) was organized by UPI’s Department of Mathematics Education and   KK Analysis & Geometry ITB took place successfully on November 18, 2017. Held once every two years, SAGA 2017 takes place in upi’s JICA FPMIPA building with the theme ‘Bringing to life the spirit of research in the field of functional analysis for the advancement of Indonesian mathematics’. SAGA presented four keynote speakers, namely Prof. Hendra Gunawan, Ph.D (ITB), Prof.. Dr. Supama (UGM), Dr. Rizky Rosjanuardi (UPI), and Dr. Mawardi (UNHAS). And a special Lecture by Prof. Giuseppe Di Fazio (Universita di Catania). In addition   SAGA is filled with presentations from selected forgiving.


The opening begins at 8 a.m., after which the presentation of the keynote speaker and the presentation of the selected paper alternately. There are four selected ers who presented their papers in SAGA 2017 this time, namely Al Azhary Masta,titled ‘Holder’s Formulation of Inequality in the Orlicz-Morrey Room’. Mochammad Idris, with the title  ‘Fractional Integral Operator Norm Estimation in the Lebesque Room’. M. Nur, with the title  ‘The g-angle between the Two Subrooms in The Date-2 Chamber. Ifronika with the title  And Imam Nugraha Albania,titled ‘Operator Norm Inequality and Positive Definiteness of Some Functions’



SAGA 2017 was closed by Prof. Hendra Gunawan, Ph.D as the founder of SAGA. SAGA will then be held in two more years, in 2019 still with the same goal, which is to be a means of sharing research results as well as a means of scientific communication between researchers.