Bem hiu bandung on Sunday, July 7, 2019 held a thanksgiving event at mizan amanah orphanage. The activity is called theorm, which is an activity carried out in order to graduate mathematics students at UPI. Theorm is divided into 2 different sets of activities. First, before graduation and secondly on graduation day. The first activity is gratitude in the orphanage. The event is a celebration of the graduation of graduates, by celebrating with children in orphanages. They share happiness with the kids there. The activity began with a speech from the committee, kabem, lecturer and then one of the representatives of the graduates. Followed by a joint prayer and the handover of tumpeng to the orphanage. After that there are games that are in place for the participants who are there, namely graduates and orphanage children. The game is very simple, which is a word guessing game. There, they were very enthusiastic about following him. They are very excited when it comes to guessing the answer. Then the show continued with an art performance of the sasmath. They performed poetry and performed a song. After the appearance of the sasmath, there is the granting of compensation from graduates and the gift giving to children by the chief executive of theorm. Then do not forget to give a plaque to two of the best graduates by the guiding lecturers who attended. And the event was closed with a photo together.

For the second theorm activity. That is, on the day of graduation, the event is a graduation pick-up from Gymnasium to FPMIPA Building A to carry out a photo together. For this second event, not only from the department of mathematics education. But from other majors also joined to pick up graduates from their respective majors. After all the graduates have been in FPMIPA Building A, it’s time to take a picture together in the middle of FPMIPA Building A. After taking a photo the next event is to give lunch to the graduation. Then, the show’s over.