UPI 2011 BEM Himatika ‘Identika’ Work Program

After UPI’s Bem Himatika ‘Identika’ Working Meeting, Saturday–Sunday, March 12–13, 2011, here’s work program info (proker) from each department, Sekum and Bendum.

  1. General Secretary
    • PA Socialization
    • Socialization of the Constitution
    • Socialization of BEM Work Program
    • Picket Schedule Settings and Sekre Picket Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Management of Correspondence, Proposals, LK, and Meeting Administration
    • Management of bukom administrators, picket books, etc.
    • BEM administrator data management
    • BEM newsletter management
  2. General Treasurer
    • Metnum (Making General Journal)
    • Elements (Evaluation of Financial Statements)
    • Cross (Socialization of Financial Statements)
  3. Department of Spirituality and Social (DKS)
    • POSTULAT (Silaturahim Muslimah Mathematics Program)
    • Silaturahim Mathematics
    • Student Services
    • CALCULUS (Social Activities and Caring for Others)
    • PPM (Community Service)
  4. Department of Academic Development (DPA)
    • RECUEST (Creating and Documentary Questions)
    • Responsi
    • MEC (Mathematics English Club)
    • Study Tour
    • GMM (Mathematics Student Echo)
  5. Department of Organizational Development (DPO)
    • TTM (Training to Motivate)
    • DCA (Department and Committee Awards)
    • KPK (Mathematics Study)
    • GAMMA (Young Member Registration Mathematics)
    • MOKA (Campus Orientation Period)
    • MFI (Student Leadership Training)
  6. Department of Interest and Talent Distribution (DPMB)
    • Penalties (Sports Week and Mathematical Creativity)
    • MFL (Mathematics Futsal League)
    • Crammer (Creativity and Information of Mathematicers)
    • VOLUME (Voice plus Music of Mathematics)
    • MEO (Mathematics Event Organizer)
    • Constitution (DPMBers Business Unit)
  7. Thanks to the people who have participated in RAKER I, hopefully can continue to participate in the implementation of these work programs. 🙂

    source : http://identikadpm.wordpress.com/2011/03/13/raker-i-bem-hiu/#comments