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“Saung Himelnah” Study House

Two years ago Saung Himelnah stood, becoming a place for the brothers in Papak Serang to learn, play, and channel his talents. Starting from the unrest of Pak Dadang, a native and employee at FPMIPA UPI about the condition and awareness of education in Papak Serang, he later told his colleague that someone who is from Japan but loves Indonesia very much, Akina his name. Not only did he tell Akina about his unrest, he told some students the same thing. In the end, Pak Dadang, Akina, and Vicko, a UPI Mathematics Education student, moved to visit Papak Serang. The three of them did a survey, looking at the real condition until getting acquainted with the brothers there. After that, Pak Dadang’s desire to improve education in Papak Serang was welcomed by Akina and Vicko until it became their wish together. Building a learning house becomes the path they choose to achieve that goal. It wouldn’t be easy if they only did the three of them, so they continued to share their unrest and goals with some friends and other students.

Some UPI Mathematics Education students received and felt the unrest as well. On 11 February 2018 the official Saung Himelnah was formed. The name Himelnah is a combination of three languages namely himawari derived from Japanese which means sunflower, elmu in Sundanese which means science, and Hasanah in Arabic which means goodness. In accordance with the original purpose of the establishment of himelnah saung, the hope in the name of Himelnah is that the science learned can be a broadcaster as well as a way of sharing goodness in the present and the future. Saung Himelnah has a vision of“Make HERO be Heroes”with HERO stands for Hope (hope), Energic (vibrant), Responsive (sensitive), Organize (management) and heroes which means hero. In an effort to achieve this vision, Saung Himelnah’s mission is:

  1. Shaping the soul of a child of character
  2. Instill a culture of literacy in society
  3. Increase the spirit of learning and the desire to continue studying
  4. Keeping the environment clean and healthy
  5. Improve skills and creativity in work
  6. Improving the economy in order to form a collaborative and independent society.

Saung Himelnah is in a simple house located in Papak Serang village, Serang Mekar village, Ciparay, Bandung Regency. Every Sunday from morning to evening the younger siblings from the age of 2 until junior high school students study together with the teachers’ brothers in saung. Learning materials in saung include Japanese, mathematics, general knowledge, and good character. Over time the learning system continues to change. Find the best way to guide the younger siblings to get better. Instilling good habits in the younger siblings starts from small things, such as saying greetings, reading prayers before and after doing activities, reading books, throwing garbage in place, until now getting used to younger siblings to reduce garbage. It is not uncommon for learning to be packaged in such a way that it is interesting and fun that it is easy for the younger siblings to receive.

Some time Saung Himelnah held a study outside saung. The brothers were facilitated to go to the Geology museum of Bandung and then go around and be told by the brothers about the important things that were there. Not there, the brothers who were asked to create a medium to share their experiences with their friends in saung. In addition to channeling their abilities, the sisters also participated in the UPI Mathematics Student Echo competition and can further explore their abilities in itb Children’s Festival activities.

Himelnah saung activities will not go well if there is no support from the teachers’ brothers who are always eager to share and seek knowledge, sacrificing energy, materials, to let go of their rest time on Sundays. Initially, the teachers’ brother volunteers only came from UPI Mathematics Education students, but nowadays many teaching brothers from various circles including FPMIPA, FPIPS, and FPTK UPI students, even reached outside UPI such as Bandung State Polytechnic, Bandung Institute of Technology, Telkom University, and several high schools in Bandung and surrounding areas. Despite the ups and downs of teachers and younger siblings, by Allah Himelnah’s permission still continues to this day. In addition to the brothers and sisters, Saung Himelnah received support from several parties including SDN Papak Serang, SDN Dewi Sartika, SMP Al-Badar, UPI Mathematics Department, SMSG Jabar (All Students of All Teachers), Students of IKJ Film and Television faculty and Students of Lasalle Collage of The Arts Singapore Film Program. Support is obtained in the form of cooperation in teaching programs, short filmmaking, donations, and publications through social media. Until now, many people have visited Saung Himelnah, there are representatives of Inggit Garnasih House, Ibrahim Education Center Foundation, Lecturers and students of Kobe University of Japan, photographers and kimono business men from Japan.

Currently Himelnah is developing activities in the field of environment, starting from getting used to the brothers and sisters of teachers minimizing garbage and separating garbage disposal according to its type so that it can be processed further. Then clean the area around himelnah saung together and also make biopori holes. There are also activities carried out with the surrounding community namely the questioning about minimizing and processing waste. Hopefully with these activities, public awareness of the importance of maintaining the environment increases and can affect the state of the environment in Papak Serang. In addition to the environment, Himelnah is also developing wings in the field of creative economy of the community to advance the economy of the underdeveloped surrounding communities. Himelnah’s administrators and teachers continued to make improvements to all aspects in order to achieve Himelnah’s goals. We always hope to expand our contribution, therefore it is our desire to continue to collaborate with any party, at any size, in order to create a healthy ecosystem, conducive and innovative for Indonesian education.

Activities carried out and information related to Himelnah saung will continue to be shared through the mass line saung Himelnah namely: @saunghimelnah (instagram), Saung Himelnah (Facebook), www.saunghimelnah.com (website), Saung Himelnah (Youtube).


Author: Bilqis Amatullah