>> UPI Student Jurdikmat Excels in Homeland

Another proud news came from students of the Department of Mathematics Education. Wenda Alifulloh, a student in the 2012 Department of Mathematics Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, was awarded the achievement at the 2012 Election Kakang Mbekayu Banjarnegara was held in June 2014 and was attended by young people in Banjarnegara area. The event, which is an annual event for the selection of tourism ambassadors of Banjarnegara Regency, established Wenda Alifulloh as Kakang 3 (3rd Place) as well as Intelegensia Champion. The selection of banjarnegara tourism ambassadors was followed by 44 participants in the initial stage, then selected until the remaining 10 participants in the second stage, of the 10 participants who qualified selected 6 best participants to qualify for the next stage, until Wenda was selected to enter the top three round and finally won the title of Kakang 3 2014 and Kakang Intelegensia 2014.

wenda2 wenda

Wenda explained that this event was attended by participants from various backgrounds. “Some are still in school, some are in college, some even have permanent jobs”, explained Wenda. Before becoming a student of UPI Mathematics Education Department, Wenda was actually from Siak Regency, Riau. However, because he was born in Banjarnegara, Wenda has the right to participate in the event which is devoted to the sons and daughters of the region. Not only the motivation and desire of Wenda herself to participate in the event, but also very supported by the family, especially the father. According to his father, although we grew up in a different place (Riau) but we do not forget in our homeland (Banjarnegara), thanks to the encouragement of his father we finally steady to participate in the event until finally winning two titles at once. This is not the first time he has excelled at the selection of tourist ambassadors. Previously, in 2011, the student born in Banjarnegara, February 18, 1994 was also elected as Bujang Kerinci Kanan For Siak Regency in the 2011 Siak Regency Tourism Ambassador Election. “Every mathematician can achieve achievements in other fields according to his talents while still consistently struggling in the field of mathematics”, said Wenda providing motivation.

In the UPI Jurdikmat environment, Wenda currently serves as Chairman of UPI’s 2014 BEM Himatika ‘Identika’ Academic Development Department. In addition, he is also active as a staff member of the Ministry of Development and Student Service bem REMA UPI 2014.