Workshop on Mathematics Modelling

Upi’s FPMIPA Department of Mathematical Education organized a workshop titled “Workshop on Elementary Modelling”. This workshop took place on January 9-13, 2014 at FPMIPA  University of Education Indonesia building and the Graduate School building of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.


Workshop participants are students from UPI’s Department of Mathematics Education, UPI’s Department of Physical Education, and the UPI Graduate School. The speaker at this workshop was Dr. Frits van Beckhum from the University of Twente, Natherlands. Dr. Frits gave 6 types of basic modeling and gave group tasks to the workshop participants and then continued with the presentation by the workshop participants.



The series of workshop activities concluded with a public lecture by Dr. Frits on the topic“Votes and Seats”which took place in the auditorium of the UPI Graduate School building. The entire workshop was closed with souvenirs by the Head of the Department of Mathematics Education, Drs. Turmudi, M.Sc., M.Ed., Ph.D.