2012 GMM Race Winners

The culmination of the 2012 Mathematics Student Echo series was held on November 25, 2012. By holding the final of Smart Meticulous Mathematics between junior high schools in West Java and Cerdas Agile Mathematics between high schools in Java, finally obtained ccm and CTM champion to complement the champion of Math Games and Scientific Writing Competition that has been announced first.

Here are the winners of the race in the Series of Student Echo activities:

1. SMAK Sower Cirebon
2. SMAN Cahaya Madani Banten Boarding School

3. Bandung Private High School

CCM IX in West Java:
1. Junior High School, Bandung
2. SMPN 5 Cirebon
3. SMP Santa Maria Cirebon
Math Games VIII in Greater Bandung and Cimahi:
1. SDK 1 BPK Penabur
2. SD Al-Azhar Syifa Budi Parahyangan
3. SDN Jagabaya 2
1. Ingri Lalan and Limson Putislulut (Solar STKIP)
2. Yanti Nenobahan and Denti V.E. Nuban (SOLAR STKIP)
3. Jhon Hendry Tafui and Handis Setioko (STKIP Surya)
Congratulations to the winners