• Academic Facilities
  • Secretary of Department of Mathematics Education
  • Microteaching Laboratory
  • Learning Laboratory
  • Data Processing Laboratory
  • Mathematical Modeling Laboratory
  • Seminar and Meeting Room
  • Lecturer Room
  • Kelas Surala UPI
  • Teacher Professional Education Room 1
  • Teacher Professional Education Room 2

Consists of 2 computer laboratories with pentium 4 computer specifications and above. This laboratory is commonly used for practicum courses or means of supporting student research. The laboratory is located in the east building of FPMIPA-A 3rd floor of room E-305 and E-306.

  • Computer Laboratory

It is a class designed as a means of training students in the school’s math teaching activities. This laboratory contains learning media, which is a learning support facility for students, especially students of the Mathematics Education Study Program.

  • Learning Laboratory

It is a room used as an office and a place to do research and research lecturers. Meeting rooms and Department staff rooms are also available.

  • Staff and Lecturer Room
  • Here are some of the facilities used by the entire faculty:

    • Lecture Halls and Halls

    There are 3 buildings located in upi environment with adequate facilities, namely: FPMIPA-A Building (JICA), FPMIPA-B Building, and FPMIPA-C Building (Ilkom).

    The lecture hall in FPMIPA-A has 11 lecture halls of various sizes, 2 rooms with a capacity of 120 students, 1 room with a capacity of 90 students, 6 rooms with a capacity of 60 students, and 2 rooms with a capacity of 30 students.

    The lecture hall in FPMIPA-B has 13 lecture halls, 1 room with a capacity of 90 students, 8 rooms with 60 students, 2 rooms with a capacity of 50 students, and 1 room with a capacity of 40 students.

    The lecture hall in FPMIPA-C has 6 lecture halls, 1 room with a capacity of 120 students and 5 rooms with a capacity of 60 students.

    • Auditorium FPMIPA UPI

    To develop a scientific culture, FPMIPA has an Auditorium with a capacity of 300 people equipped with air conditioning systems. Seminars and workshops have been held in upi FPMIPA auditorium, both local, national, and international scale. UPI’s FPMIPA auditorium is located in the west building of FPMIPA-A on floors 2 & 3.

    • Mushala

    A place of worship for Muslim academic community in FPMIPA. Mushala is located in the east building of FPMIPA-A on the 1st floor of room E-106, FPMIPA-B building on the 1st floor, and FPMIPA-C building on the 1st floor.

    • Cafeteria

    The canteen is present to meet the needs of the academic community at FPMIPA, at a relatively affordable price.

    • Currkulatorium

    Kurikulatorium is a faculty-level library at FPMIPA UPI. There are various resource books that support the activities of FPMIPA UPI students.

    • Workshop / Bengkel

    Workshops are used to repair or hold the tools needed by FPMIPA UPI. Workshops are also used for the manufacture of learning aids.

    • Bookstore

    Bookstores provide the needs of various stationery, provide copy services, and provide a variety of snacks. The bookstore is located in the west building of FPMIPA-A 1st floor of the W-110 room.

    • UPI Public Facilities

    It is a public facility used by the entire UPI academic community.

    • Post-Graduate School Facilities 

    To support the lecture activities, the Post-Graduate School Mathematics Education Study Program is equipped with several supporting facilities located in the Post-Graduate School Building, including Auditorium SPs, Computer Laboratory, Mushola, SPs Library, Study Room, Classroom, complete facilities can be viewed through the link http://sps.upi.edu/id