>>Caderization? Do?


Perhaps many are astonished and still wonder why there should be cadreization in every organization. Whether it’s in organizations on campus or community organizations must have a system called cadreization. What is the importance of cadreization to the organization?

Cadreization can be likened to the heart of an organizational system, without cadreization it can be difficult for an organization to be able to move forward and dynamically. This is because of the cadreization that created the new caretaker who would later hold the relay stick for the organization’s struggles. Cadreization seeks to create cadres who are not only great at working on a program but also more than that. Cadreization is able to create a cadre who has a leader’s soul, has the ability to control emotions, is creative and able to be a solution to every problem, has a strong mentality     and most importantly can be an example to its members.

For the UPI Mathematics Student Association also cadreization of the cadreization network called Euclid (Education and Leadership), in which there is a series of events to improve the   spirit of example and leadership, the series of events is

  1. Mabim

Mabim or guidance period is a kegitan in the form of mentoring that is prepared to introduce the value of academicization that will be conveyed by a mentor and assistant mentor, the material submitted for mambim this time is marifatullah, management time and leadership, ghazwul fikri and the characteristics of resilient Muslims. this mabim activity was conducted as many as 5 meetings


  1. MFI (Student leadership training) in September

MFI or student leadership training is a weekly routine exercise that is carried out 3 times, this exercise contains the following material delivered

  1. Personality integrity (silmi hafizah tea)
  2. Tridarma and 4 student roles (nuzul tea)
  3. Youth and benefit (kang ahid)
  4. Leiden is Lizden (kak dea tantyo)
  5. Trial (kang iyaka)


  1. LAMDA((Young Member leadership training)

LAMDA Youth Member leadership training is an exercise in the practice of all things gained when MFI, this activity takes place 3 days and two nights on October 4-6.