It’s true that a lot of people say tongues are sharper than swords. Because the scratches of the tongue are not awake can cause pain that can last for so long or even pain that there is no cure. The tongue can also be a dagger that is so ferocious and wild, that it may be able to instantly kill the weak human beings and their minds.

The Prophet (pbuh) said: “What muslims say is that man who survived the danger of his tongue and hands.”

Imam Ali r.a said:“The evil heart lies in his mouth, and the good mouth, lies in his heart”.

It is true that man is full of limitations and weaknesses. Because it is true with limitedness and weakness then we will know what is the advantage. It’s not that someone has an advantage if there’s no such thing as weakness. That is life, so be proud of him who has weaknesses. Because people who have weaknesses will be part of life.

But along with our fairness and ineignity as human beings, of course we have a duty to continue to improve. So the weakness is not only that we allow it to continue to overshadow our lives, but we fix it little by little.

Among the many weaknesses of man, keeping the tongue is a thing that can be considered difficult. Because a sharp sword, other than the tongue can hurt others, can also hurt the tongue itself.

If we look around us, so many people are slipping into life because of un awake tongues. Many people who like to swear, promise that will not be kept, vilify people (gossip), say sweet words but lie (lick) and feel like saying without realized what the consequences are.

Often we see a mother, seeing the mischief of her children, then unwittingly, comes out of words that should never come out of a mother’s mouth against her child. Or someone who prays badly for someone he hates. Even because they are so desperate, there are people who like to complain about saying bad things to themselves. Maybe people forgot the word of the Prophet (pbuh) namely:

“Kullu kalam addu’a, every word is a prayer”

Moreover, it is said by our beloved apostles that “It is not said to be courageous for those who can defeat their enemies, (who can feel winning over a showdown, a fight) ,Which is saidto be brave is those who can restrain themselves when in a state of anger”.

So let us be good at keeping our tongues. If we are faced with something that is not wearing then avoid being words. Multiply the remembrance of God by stigmafar. If a wise man says“Silence is gold” it is true. While the word is not good, silence is the only solution. So that we include people whoare “wara”or cautious

Source: Kafemuslimah.com