Math Software Training (Cabri and Maple) for High School Students

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 is the day of mathematics software training. This mathematical software training focuses only on cabri geometric training II Plus and Maple 13. Cabri Geometri II Plus is a mathematical software that can help us in creating images, graphs, curves and others related to geometry. While Maple 13 is a mathematical software that can help us about mathematical materials such as arithmetic, algebra, calculus or displaying a solution sketch of a given equation. Clearly in this regard, in addition to
being a form
of Community Service for UPI’s applied mathematics faculty, the event also aims to introduce Cabri Geometri II Plus and Maple to high school students, to assist them in solving math problems, especially related to geometry and calculus.

Implementation of mathematics software training event chaired by Dra. Hj. Rini Marwati, M.Si, can be said to run smoothly. Of course, this is inseparable from the support of the applied KBK lecturers involved as committee, Laboran, Laboratory Assistant and Department of Mathematics Education UPI.

As for the series of events held, starting with the opening by the MC and the speech by the head of the mathematics education department, Drs. Turmudi, M.Ed., M.Sc., Ph.D. The event continued at the introductory activities of the participants who are representative students from four secondary schools in Bandung, to be precise SMAN 2, SMAN 3, SMAN 8 and SMAN 22 Bandung. after the introduction of participants, the event continued at the introduction of the applied KBK lecturers who became the organizers of the event.

After the atmosphere melted with the introduction, the event continued with the training of mathematical software namely Cabri Geometri II Plus given by mrs. Eyus Sudihartinih, M.Pd. Here the participants tried to create some geometric drawings such as circles, and some flat-out others. After the Cabri Geometri II Plus training, participants were given time to take a break while enjoying some snacks provided by the committee.

With a brighter atmosphere like the morning atmosphere by noon, participants again got training, namely Maple training, where participants were invited to use the facilities in Maple 13 to be applied in math materials in the school. This Maple material was delivered by Dewi Rachmatin, S.Si., M.Si, and Utari Wijayanti, S.Kom, M.Si.

After the participants received cabri geometri II Plus and Maple 13 training, now the participants are invited to relax while expressing their impressions during the training. In this case Alhamdulilah the participants gave positive impressions. Of course, this makes the entire committee feel relieved and happy.

Realized or not, we do need technology, to help us in going through all the activities in this ageing world. So let’s jointly improve the technology-friendly capabilities from now on.