>> Seven Students of UPI Department of Mathematics Education Represent ONMIPA-PT 2018



Kemristek DIKTI again held ONMIPA-PT 2018. To participate in this activity there are several selections to follow. The selection of stage one is done in each college and has selected seven students for the field of Mathematics that   will follow the regional level selection. There are 14 regions throughout Indonesia, and will be followed by a national selection involving only 64 students per field. After that selected the 20 best participants. For the national mathematics champion, it will be sent to the Mathematics Competiton for University Stundents event in Blagoevgard, Bulgaria from July to August 2018.

The seven students are:

  1. Nabil Mahatir (Mathematics 2014)
  2. Maisuri Pratiwi Suwardy (Mathematics Education 2015)
  3. Bilqis Amatullah (Mathematics Education 2015)
  4. Haniyah Arfan (Mathematics Education 2015)
  5. Rachmi Rohmatunnisa (Mathematics Education 2015)
  6. Nurina Fadlila Shaumi (Mathematics Education 2016)
  7. Indri Juwita Sari (Mathematics Education 2015)

Currently, the seven students are undergoing coaching from several lecturers and Alumni of the Department of Mathematics Education FPMIPA UPI.

Lecturer of Trustees :

  1. Encum Sumiaty, M.Si. (Chairman)
  2. Dr. Rizky Rosjanuardi , M.Si.
  3. Dr. Khusnul Novianingsih, M.Si.
  4. Dr. Sumanang Muhtar G, M.Si.
  5. AlAzhary Masta, M.Si.
  6. Enjun Junaeti, M.Si.

Coaching Alumni :

  1. Sugiri Aryanto, M.Si.
  2. Aqfil Mu’tazili, S.Pd.

Congratulations and success to the participants. Hopefully the participants can make it through to the last stage and hopefully be motivas for the brothers and friends in onmipa-pt to come.