>> Social Project 2020 (Social And Political Division)

Hello everyone! Every organization or set usually runs a work program, doesn’t it? Just like this UPI ‘Identika’ Bem Himatika did. On this occasion will be discussed work programs related in the social or community, which is carried out by divisions are nothing but socio-political divisions. Especially if it is not “Social Project” or abbreviated Socpro. This work program is engaged in social activities as a form of contribution of HIMATIKA citizens to the community. Socpro aims to increase concern among human beings / communities to help each other to people in need and to increase concern for the surrounding environment.

What are the “Social Project” activities? Well, the activity consists of “CharityWebinar”, “Himatika Mengajar”, and Donation Distribution. This charity webinar is a charity event as well as a seminar conducted online that took place 3 times, namely November 6, November 28, and December 19, 2020 with a very cool resource person of course. Then there is himatika teaching activities with the aim of teaching math, thematic, and practical learning that is carried out 4 times, namely on November 15, November 22, November 29, and December 13, 2020, located in the village of Papak Serang. This Socpro activity lasts from November to December.

One of the series of activities is a webinar activity, where the enthusiasm of the participants is very good. Of course, in these activities there is a very interesting and useful presenter. The first webinar was held with the material “Managing Organization in the Pandemic for Students” with presenters by Riezal Ilham (Presma UNPAD 2020), the second with the material “Stress Management: The Easier You Can Handle, The Better Your Life Become” by Muthia Dhiya Fauzia, S.Psi. (Senior Product Manager at One Percent), and the last with the material “Education in New Normal Era” by Prof. Dr. Tatang Herman, M.Ed. (UPI Professor of Mathematics Education), Ade Rifki (Mapres FPEB 2020), Panji Aziz Pratama (Founder of Isbanban Foundation). Although as part of this Socpro activity took place online does not reduce the enthusiasm of HIMATIKA citizens in this social event. Himatika Mengajar also received a good response from the children in Kampung Papak Serang. Children in the area are very excited in the activities of Himatika Mengajar, they follow the whole series of activities very excitedly, whose teachers are sharks residents domiciled in Bandung loh.

Well, it’s so cool that this work program. Not only cool, but the activities are really noble and useful, yes! We’ve talked a lot about the activities, now we’re meeting the cool people behind it! Alias committee that has held this Socpro proker. The Chief Executive of this Social Project activity is Haryo Dhafa, a student of the Mathematics Department of the Class of 2019, class D, accompanied by 27 people, with 1 secretary, 1 treasurer, 7 events division, 9 public relations division, 4 membership division, 5 PDD division.

Here’s a documentation of the fun of social project work program, cekidot!

Well, in closing, there is an impression of a message from the chief executive of Social Project 2020 aka from Kang Haryo, let’s see the impression of the message! “The impression is really exciting and very satisfied with the Social Project 2020 series. Because it includes a large proker in this period and becomes an offline proker in this period. Cool! The message, Thank you to all who have been involved in the social project 2020, without you guys the event will not be this great

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