>> Students of the Department of Mathematics Education at pimnas 30th



The Department of Mathematics Education has the opportunity to be involved in pimnas (National Student Scientific Week) activities. Cici lestari (Matiematika Education), Sumi Amilia (Mathematics), and other colleagues namely Fambi Alda Triansyah (Computer Science Education), Zakki Mudhoffar (Computer Science Education), and Nita Diyanti Ruswana (Physics Education), who guided Mrs. Enjun Junaeti M.Si successfully participated in pimnas 30 activities held on August 23-28, 2017 at the Muslim University of Indonesia, Makasar.


Before successfully becoming participants of PIMNAS 30 and funded, participants must submit a PKM proposal to dikti to be collected and then selected along with tens of thousands of other works from all over Indonesia. Luckily, the WORK with the title METEOR (SIM DETECTOR) owned by upi’s FPMIPA team managed to become one of three thousand proposals successfully funded. After obtaining the funds, participants must carry out the program referred to in the relevant PKM for 4 months. At the end, there is an evaluation and monitoring to determine the participants who passed PIMNAS. Only about 420 PKM can finally qualify for PIMNAS.


In addition to getting a lot of valuable experience, of course, many lessons and new knowledge are gained during pimnas series of activities. It is expected that with the achievement of the UPI FPMIPA team and the involvement of students from the Department of Education Matemtika, more and more Students of the Department of Education Matemtika are motivated to become the next PIMNAS participants.


More about PKM, types, and other things can be seen in : Student Creativity Proposal (PKM)