>> Opening of Gema Mahasiswa Matematika (GMM) 2022

The opening activity of GMM (Gema Mahasiswa Matematika) 2022 was held on Saturday morning, October 29, 2022. The opening was attended by 455 participants consisting of 393 competition participants and supervising teachers, 52 organizers, and 10 invited guests. The theme at the opening of GMM 2022 is “Let’s Explore Mathematics, then We Will Become a Sprinkling of Shining Star“. 

This activity was opened by the MC who is a UPI mathematics student, namely: Alycia Rahmah Kamilah Puteri and Mohammad Fariz Arrasyid. This was followed by the playing of the Indonesia Raya song. The remarks came from the Chief Executive of GMM 2022 (Rahmanda Amrullah), Chairman of BEM Himatika ‘Identika’ UPI Period 2022 (Muhamad Faiz Dhiaulhaq), GMM 2022 Supervisor (Dr. Al Azhary Masta, S.Si., M.Si.), and Head of the Department of Mathematics Education UPI (Dr. H. Dadang Juandi, M.Si.).  

This webinar was followed by a showing of the GMMM 2022 teaser video and a presentation of the W-Pen by Dasep.  In addition, at the opening of this webinar, it was announced that finalists of the LEMNAS SMA and LEMNAS Mahasiswa writing competitions, and finalists of LKTIN. After the announcement of the finalists of the last writing competition, the next event was the presentation of the implementation of the next stage of the competition by the Chief Executive of GMM 2022. The opening series of GMM webinars was closed with a music performance video from UPI Depdikmat students.